Friday, 30 August 2013


This is a rather strange question to ask for a psychic and yet a lot of people are anxious about it! And they have a right to be! Indeed, even if you are personally interested in clairvoyance/psychic reading, you have to know that there are some people who do not believe in it or are afraid to admit it! Unfortunately, a lot of these incredulous people often hold some prejudice against clairvoyance and psychics… even though they have never tried any of them! The paradox is that while a great number of them claim to be materialistic and pride themselves on having their feet on the ground, most of them display a strangely irrational and emotional reaction in these matters concerning psychic! Indeed, most of those who would claim to be Doubting Thomas and to only “believe what they can see” have actually never seen anything at all! And yet they believe they are entitled to judge!

It is strange to see that all these skeptics have never set foot in a consultation office and yet they “know” that clairvoyance is not a serious discipline!! 
Few of these people with a supposedly practical mind are not even thinking about taking the plunge and consult a psychic before holding this final opinion about clairvoyance! So far, I did not meet a lot of people who could truly challenge the predictions of positive psychic readings! Or even those from other psychics! So if you ever meet a skeptical person, you can tell them that they are entitled to their disbelief in clairvoyance but then ask them whether they have ever tried to consult a psychic! 

You will see that after confidently claiming that they do not believe in clairvoyance for a second, 95% of the time they will embarrassingly mumble that that have never consulted any psychic! In that case, you would be the one with a scientific mind, asking logical and sensible questions! You have to understand that the aim is not to put anyone in trouble or humiliate them but rather to make them face their own contradictions. They are perfectly entitled to their disbelief in clairvoyance, just like you have every right to believe… provided they can prove consistent with their own rationale by putting what they claim not to believe in to the test. Unfortunately, clairvoyance is not the only extrasensory ability to be thus condemned on principle. Most of them (telepathy, telekinesis, magic, astral travel…) are likewise often judged without further ado by materialistic, down-to-earth people! 

A true scientist would first study the facts before speaking out. It is strange to see how people who are usually so rational in the study of their respective fields can be so irrational when they study paranormal phenomena or divinatory sciences! Psychoanalysis and psychology recognize that each of us hold conscious and unconscious legacies that condition our life. We are aware of certain trauma we have had to face in our life but others condition our existence while we are none the wiser. Consequently, it is not easy to pull through from our misery and problems when we are unaware of the cause. The same people who would readily consult a psychoanalyst or a psychologist would categorically refuse to set foot in the consultation office of a psychic! And yet, the aims of a psychoanalyst and a psychic are not that far apart. The only difference being how they tackle any problem. The psychoanalyst deciphers the patient’s mind through an analysis grid set up by the great masters in psychoanalysis, but stays on the level of human interpretation. 

As for the psychics, they rise up to the sphere of the Akashic records in order to explain our behavior. These Akashic records are the memory of the universe that holds the unfolding of every human life from the beginning down to the end times. The psychic “sees” your existence in that vibratory memory, along with the various options that might come to you depending on the choices you make! The psychic helps you to return to the best possible ¬path for you. Obviously, they will not act in your place, but will show you the way – just like a guide. They will never force your hand. You must willingly choose your own way. You have to harness your own potential and resources to look after yourself. Just like you would not want anyone else to dictate how to manage your existence, a psychic must never force you to go this way or that… Your psychic will show you the best solution, but then you have to make your own decisions and choose your own path. 

You can lead the life of your dreams, but you are the only person that can decide to act in the way of your happiness that's the point! Leading us to this important fact: if you want a happier life; you have to change your habits and make a step forward… the first one is always the hardest one! If you truly want to change and to follow the advice of your psychic, you cannot keep on living in the same way as you have so far. If you keep on the same track that has led you to this unsatisfying existence, you will be locked in with no room for change!You have some potential for change within you! Do not neglect any effort to move toward a better life, all the more since your psychic will always be there to guide you and bring you sensible advice through a personalized approach that will perfectly match your own case!

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