Friday, 16 August 2013



Every person alive has the right to ask this question. since even people who respect all my recommendations can fall ill and develop health problems, have financial worries, suffer conflicts in their love-life, and so on.
Now I want you to understand one thing: I’m not saying that if you have a proper lifestyle, and respect the recommendations I gave you, as well as those that follow, you won’t get sick, or you won’t have financial problems or troubles in your love-life, or any other kind of worries. What I am saying is that you’ll be in a better position to deal with them.

It would be an illusion for me to ask you to believe in some kind of invulnerability or immortality, resulting from your correct conduct, for one very simple reason.

We’re all made of flesh and blood, and we’re all physically and psychologically sensitive. Our body is constantly interacting with the outside world, sometimes without our realizing it.

You only perceive it when you have a health problem and fall ill, i.e. when your organism’s defenses lose their battle against some aggressor, which, although it may be invisible, turns out to be stronger than your body’s immune system.

Fortunately, most of the time microbes, viruses and other aggressive microscopic organisms lose the fight against your immune cells. The intruders are either repelled or destroyed by your internal defenses, without you being aware of it. It’s constantly happening, but silently.

It’s almost impossible for you to perceive because, most often, your body wins.

It does its work, period! But that work is terribly important if you’re going to remain healthy as long as possible, sheltered from exterior aggression which is constantly being vanquished, although you don’t see it happening.

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